The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City, MI

Plant Michigan, Plant Native

              COME JOIN US IN 2018!

If you enjoy gardening or anything relating to horticulture, flower arranging, the environment and more, you may want to visit one of The Friendly Garden Club meetings!   Our club will hold monthly meetings from April through November, where we feature guest speakers, have hands-on projects, and field trips, all emphasizing horticultural tips and the love of gardening.  This is reflected in our annual projects such as the Garden Walk, geranium sale, and the planting of the "open space" by the Bay.  All monies raised from our projects are totally given back to the community by way of grants and scholarships.  To attend any of our "OPEN" meetings or become a member, please send an email to our membership chairperson, Beth  We would love to have you join us in 2018!  See what being a "FRIENDLY" is all about!

May 16, 2018, Peninsula Township Fire Station #2,
8150 Center Rd,  9:30-4 p.m.

 36th GARDEN WALK, 2018--July 19 from 12-7 p.m.
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Congratulations to the
Friendly Garden Club Members for your awesome achievements that were recognized at the
Michigan Garden Club, Inc.'s State Conference.

 “Friendly Garden Club Members” 2016-17 Awards:           

  • Yearbook Award, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 2nd Place
  • Triple Diamond Club of Distinction
  • Holiday Trees, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 1st Place
  • Caroline Gray Award of Merit, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 3rd Place
  • Native Trees, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 1st Place
  • Photography, Stephanie Nelsen, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 1st Place
  • Elsie Cook Award for Landscape Design, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 1st Place
  • Civic Beautification, Dist V 2nd Place, MGC 2nd Place
  • Civic Beautification, second garden, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 1st Place
  • Website, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 1st Place
  • Pressbook, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 1st Place, Central Region 2nd Place
  • Publications, Newsletter #12-2, Dist V 1st Place, MGC 3rd Place
  • 2016 Landscape Garden Walk Award
  • MGC 2017 Garden Club of the Year
  • Knowledge is Power Award
  • 1st Place President's Award