The Friendly Garden Club
 of Traverse City, MI

P.O. Box 1286, Traverse City, MI 49685

Plant Michigan, Plant Native



The Friendly Garden Club would like to thank the generosity of the many donors who made gifts between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 to the Children's Sensory Garden and for investing in the future of our children in the greater Northwest Michigan region. With the potential to reach over 90,000+ children you know your gift will have a major impact. This amazing garden located at The Botanic Garden will serve as a rich community resource that will celebrate families and children with their unique abilities to learn and grow by providing hands-on education designed to be touched, inhaled, and experienced by using all five senses.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated and needed as we continue to fundraise to complete the first of three implementation phases.

PATHWAY BUILDER--$25,000-$49,999
The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City, MI
SUNSHINE ENTHUSIAST--$10,000-$24,999
Dennis & Sandy Stockemer
SUNFLOWER DONOR--$5,000-$9,999
Harding & Gross Families
 Craig & Benith MacPherson
BLOSSOM MAKER--$1,000-$4,999
Wilbur & Arlene Beall
Ruth Frost
 Andy & Janet Hickman
 Peg Jonkhoff
Paul & Carol LaPorte
Glen & Tracie MacPherson
Rob & Renee Mittelstaedt
Sue Soderberg
Dan & Jean Spagnuolo
 Jill Stiltner
George & Susan Townsend
Kris Bryant
 Jim & Sandi Clark
 Nancy Cotccamp
 Chris Dennos
 Roger & Stephanie Nelsen
 Grant & Susan Snyder
BUSY BEE--$100-$499
  Roxanne Fall
  Joanne Flitton
  Ben & Janet Florence
  Mete Kok & Amy Fontaine
  Virginia Gott
  Suzann Grazul 
  Nancy Johnson
  Rebecca Jones
  Richard Kinch & Linda Stengel
 Andrea Kramer
 Sue Loney
 Marellene Morrell
 Sue Mrowczynski
 Joann Pearsall
 Judy Pohl
 Jodi Reighard
 Nancy Rhoadarmer
 Marge Scott
 Debbie Scroggie
 Sherry Stoltz
 Laura Swire
 Rita Whaley