The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City, MI

Plant Michigan, Plant Native


     The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City was organized in 1923 and federated in 1931.  We are a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc.; Central Region; and the Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc., District V.  Listed below are this year's projects.  As you can see, we are very involved and supportive of our community.                    Objective--The objective of our club is to provide education and to promote the love of gardening, horticulture, landscaping and floral design and to encourage civic beautification and environmental responsibility.   Theme--The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City has a long history of serving the local community from designing and planting the Logo Garden at the Open Space to supplying funds to help families landscape their Habitat homes.  It is through education our members learn the basics of horticulture, floral and landscape design, and environmental responsibility.  This enables us to continue our service to the community we share and love.

Membership Requirements

Any individuals wishing to join The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City can attend any of the open meetings by checking the website calendar or the Record Eagle newspaper for the date, time and place of the meeting.  Also, please contact our membership chairperson, Beth at 231-932-1916. 

Prospective members need to attend at least two general meetings and must be sponsored by two members who have belonged to the club at least one year.


Each year we undertake many projects to continue to promote our club's objectives.  Our projects include:

Commemoration of Arbor Day:  By planting trees with local school children.

Junior Gardening:  Our club continues to mentor children from the Traverse City Parks and Recreation Summer Camp Program.  Approximately 70 children ranging from seven to twelve years old attend a once a week program.  This gives our club the opportunity to promote the love of gardening through education.

Garden Walk:  This annual event is held on the third Thursday in July and offers an educational experience for the community.  This is our main fundraiser to finance our club projects and grants which are given back to the community in the form of grants and scholarships.  The garden walk committee works on showcasing beautiful gardens in our community with sponsorship for each garden from local area merchants. 

Civic Beautification:  This committee is busy planning, designing and planting the Logo Garden in the Traverse City Open Space.  The Logo Garden requires all club members' participation in planting and maintaining over 8,000 annual flowers every year and is appreciated by our members, the community and all visitors to Traverse City.   We also present two landscaping awards to two Traverse City businesses for their efforts in beautifying their business grounds to make Traverse City a beautiful place to visit.

Mentoring Children @ Traverse City Children's Gardens:  Instruction is given on planting, maintaining and harvesting with emphasis on nutrition and cooking of the raised produce.

Michigan Garden Club Schools:  In order to help our members learn more by continuing their education, we provide qualifying member's tuition.

Horticultural and Environmental concerns We discuss at our monthly meetings ways to promote horticultural knowledge and membership participation. We also provide ongoing support to the Traverse City Botanic Gardens and the Blue Star Memorial project.

MGC & NGC Projects: We support the MI Garden Clubs, Inc. "PLANT IT PINK" project in recognition of breast cancer; the NGC "Penny for Pines" project, which raises funds for reforestation; and promoting the NGC's children's book, THE SAVED SEED. 

Local Club Projects:  include "Planting Elder's Gardens"; encouraging the development of local programs that use gardens therapeutically; and recycling materials at all FGC events and meetings. 

For more pictures of our projects and to get ideas for lovely flower arrangements, be sure to check our "Photo Gallery."